Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dare to be Great Award


This award is without rules. Just pass it on to anyone and everyone.

Friday, April 24, 2009

New Buttons

Thankful Thursday is hosted by someone and I will find out where it comes from and post an update, or edit this one with the link. Thankful Thursday is to itterate what you are thankful for at the time and share your thoughts of it with others. This allows us all to get filled with joy and blessings.

Sunday Relaxation is the sharing of relaxing thoughts, Scriptures, pictures, or what ever you feel fits the title. Again, I'm not sure where I retrieved this one from either. I apologize to those that start these and for not linking up to them. I've finally figured out how this all works. Pretty sad, I know.

Friday Funnies I do have a link for. This is hosted by Kim at Homesteaders Heart When you have posted your funnie button and posted, go by Kim's and place your link on her blog and visit the others that are participating in the fun. We all know laughter is the best medicine. Believe me, there are some good ones out there! Enjoy!

In the Awards section is the Kreative Blogger Award. This is to use when you feel the blogger have been very creative with their blog and/or their postings. Advertise with the button and the reason for chosing the blogger(s) and then comment on their blog so they can pick up their button and hopefully pass it on to another blogger(s).

The Blogger Buddy Award is for those you have become close to and really enjoy being friends with. Show them the love! Follow the instructions for the Kreativ Blogger Award.

The Gift Basket I had come up with myself to just say you make me smile, or you brighten my day, or to put some sunshine in someone's life that you feel needs it. Kind of like a get well button. It's to use in what ever manner you wish to use it. Just do as you would with the Kreative Blogger button.

The main thing, is have fun with these. Share your kind thoughts and words with others. Show your appreciation to your favorite bloggers. Make someones day. Make someone feel good!

Button Reviews

I'm finally getting around to explaining each button. It took way too long to get here and I apologize for that. I will have to do some research to make sure some of these are still in play. But for now, I will explain them and pray they are still there. ;)

Sisters of Faith is a blog written by three sisters who have faith in the Lord and share their faith with you. Unfortunately one sister is no longer with them, but their love sure shines. You can visit their blog here.

Rich Gifts, Graphics, and Blog Designs is created by Edie who is a fascinating lovely woman. She is very creative and has a lot to offer. You can make requests for your desired design. All she asks is that you donate what God places on your heart. You can go here to visit her blog.

Blog skins by Heather is created by Heather from Simply Heather. You can go to her blog skin pages here. I have a hard time choosing as there as so many gifted people, but the one thing I love about Heathers is they are natural. I love simplicity, freshness, and bright colors. I know I can get them there. Not that the others don't have that. I love them all!

Thoughts is by a 13 year old girl, well not sure of her age now, who is amazing. Her love for the Lord and all that she rights simply amazes me. I can be sure to be blessed when going to her blog. The Lord has great plans for this young lady! You can visit her here. Her name is Lauren Anne and the name of her blog is Beside Quiet Waters.

As One of Seven has been ended. I will remove this button.

Southern Hospitality is written by Rhoda. Her blog has a bit of everything. She's a wonderful woman who has a lot to offer her readers. You can visit her blog here.

Internet Cafe Devotions is a blog where Christian women can go for inspiration and share their thoughts. You can visit this blog here.

Inspiring Ideas is an awesome site where Jeanne Winters offers so many wonderful craft ideas. You will not be disappointed with this site at all. She will show you step by step how to create things. How wonderful is that! You can go here to see all she has to offer. The title of her blog is perfect, as she really can inspire!

At the Well is as it shows, it's a devotional for Titus 2 people. You can go here to receive the devotionals and inspirations.

Tempting Tummy Tuesdays is hosted by Lana and Lisa. They are twin sisters who are an absolute blast!!! They have so much to offer. Their recipes are wonderful, and their blogs are equally as good. You will not be disappointed. You can go here to visit

2 Moms 20 pounds is now Happy to Be at Home where you can still get inspiration and healthy recipes. It started out as a support for losing weight, and then keeping it off is their goal. But, you can still go for support as well as follow along with what is happening in their lives.

The One Minute Writer is hosted by Beth. She gives you a word or phrase and then you have a timer on her blog to write your thoughts in one minute. This is to help writers become inspired and perhaps over come writers block.

Now for the Awards section. The Awards are unique ways to say you appreciate someone, or a way to have fun. It also brings others to visit your blog. It's a great way to meet more people. As when you give an award, you place their blog names and links on your blog, then they link back to your blog when they place the award on their blog. So it continues on.

The Smile Award is one that you give to those who make you smile. You place the smile award on your blog, list what your selected people do to make you smile. You can select one blog or as many as you wish. Most try to keep it at 5-10 blogs. Then you place the link to each selected blog and then comment on their blog(s) to let them know they have received an award from you. Leave instructions to link back to your blog when they accept and pass it on to someone else.

I Love Your Blog is an award to show one or more blogger's that you really appreciate their blog content and enjoy visiting. It's an awesome way to let them know they are appreciated. It works the same as the Smile.

Tagged is just a fun game. You tag 5 people that you like following. Place the tag on your blog, write 5 unusual things about yourself, 5 people you tag with a link to their blog and leave instructions that they are to do the same. Then you let them know they have been tagged by commenting on their blog and in your instructions explain they are to link back to your blog.

2009 Spirit Award was awarded to those that showed they were in the spirit of the New Year. This happens every year. Here there is no limit to the amount of blogs you want to bless. So be watching for next years (2010).

The Lemonade Award is an award that shows you find their blog refreshing and you want to share a glass of lemonade with them. Again, this works the same as the others. You can choose the amount of people you want to select. Usually 5-10 blogs, but it can be less or more.

The Christmas Spirit Award was to those that showed great Christmas Spirit. This is a yearly award as well, so be watching when we near Christmas this year.

The Blog Advent Tour is a great idea. You go to the site which I do not have at this time, but will surely find it this year, so be sure to check back for the link. Any way, with this, you go to the host site, choose a date when you want to do your post and place your link there. You then go to the host site and visit each ones sites listed for each date through advent. When it comes your turn, you post about your Christmas traditions. You can also post a recipe of your traditional dinner for Christmas. This generated a lot of people who really enjoyed this. It is hosted by a person who blogs about books and writes books. But you do not have to be a reader/writer to join in the fun as I had found out. I forgot to follow last year. :( But this year will join in on the fun again. Hope you all join us.

I will soon be placing many more buttons on here for blogs and for awards. I have a couple of extra days off this week, so I have time to catch up a little! Yeah!!!