Friday, April 24, 2009

New Buttons

Thankful Thursday is hosted by someone and I will find out where it comes from and post an update, or edit this one with the link. Thankful Thursday is to itterate what you are thankful for at the time and share your thoughts of it with others. This allows us all to get filled with joy and blessings.

Sunday Relaxation is the sharing of relaxing thoughts, Scriptures, pictures, or what ever you feel fits the title. Again, I'm not sure where I retrieved this one from either. I apologize to those that start these and for not linking up to them. I've finally figured out how this all works. Pretty sad, I know.

Friday Funnies I do have a link for. This is hosted by Kim at Homesteaders Heart When you have posted your funnie button and posted, go by Kim's and place your link on her blog and visit the others that are participating in the fun. We all know laughter is the best medicine. Believe me, there are some good ones out there! Enjoy!

In the Awards section is the Kreative Blogger Award. This is to use when you feel the blogger have been very creative with their blog and/or their postings. Advertise with the button and the reason for chosing the blogger(s) and then comment on their blog so they can pick up their button and hopefully pass it on to another blogger(s).

The Blogger Buddy Award is for those you have become close to and really enjoy being friends with. Show them the love! Follow the instructions for the Kreativ Blogger Award.

The Gift Basket I had come up with myself to just say you make me smile, or you brighten my day, or to put some sunshine in someone's life that you feel needs it. Kind of like a get well button. It's to use in what ever manner you wish to use it. Just do as you would with the Kreative Blogger button.

The main thing, is have fun with these. Share your kind thoughts and words with others. Show your appreciation to your favorite bloggers. Make someones day. Make someone feel good!

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  1. I 'll try to make you feel good if you visit me on my blog..... by the way, congrats for your award....